Lime shows promise for controlling clubroot in canola crops

Treating soil with lime could help farmers curtail clubroot infections in their canola crops, new U of A research suggests. (Photo: Supplied)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Spot-treating soil with lime could give farmers another option to stem the costly disease and improve soil health

Researchers engineering new drug to beat blood cancers

Hasan Uludag holds a sample of leukemia cells treated with experimental drugs his team is testing that fight blood cancers by targeting gene defects in blood cells. (Photo: Geoff McMaster)

Reading Time: 3 minutes RNA technology used to target gene defects in blood cells that lead to diseases like leukemia

New strains of wheat sought with built-in resistance to wheat midge

Agricultural scientists are working to keep the destructive wheat midge at bay by seeking protective traits that could be bred into new strains of wheat. (Photo: Shelley Barkley)

Reading Time: 4 minutes There’s currently only one genetic defence to protect from wheat midge – but researchers want to change that

Research aims to reduce use of chemical pesticides

U of A entomologist Boyd Mori is using next-generation DNA analysis to find out whether ground beetles like Calosoma calidum, the "fiery hunter," can serve as an effective, natural method of pest control for crop growers. (Photo: Supplied)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Innovative approach using DNA testing could help crop growers reduce reliance on chemical pesticides and conserve beneficial bugs

Landmark research could lead to better understanding of diseases

Michael Hendzel (right) co-led a study that revealed the gel-like nature of chromatin, the complex package of DNA and proteins contained within the nucleus of our cells. The researchers say the discovery could lead to better understanding of diseases like cancer. (Photo: Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry; taken pre-COVID-19)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Researchers have found an answer to a fundamental question that has eluded scientists since the discovery of DNA