Research aims to reduce use of chemical pesticides

U of A entomologist Boyd Mori is using next-generation DNA analysis to find out whether ground beetles like Calosoma calidum, the "fiery hunter," can serve as an effective, natural method of pest control for crop growers. (Photo: Supplied)

Innovative approach using DNA testing could help crop growers reduce reliance on chemical pesticides and conserve beneficial bugs

Landmark research could lead to better understanding of diseases

Michael Hendzel (right) co-led a study that revealed the gel-like nature of chromatin, the complex package of DNA and proteins contained within the nucleus of our cells. The researchers say the discovery could lead to better understanding of diseases like cancer. (Photo: Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry; taken pre-COVID-19)

Researchers have found an answer to a fundamental question that has eluded scientists since the discovery of DNA

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