Remnant cholesterol significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease

Photo by Oleg Ivanov

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Bad” cholesterol not the only culprit linked to higher likelihood of heart disease

New devices could prevent a significant number of disabling strokes

An implantable device that monitors for atrial fibrillation over 12 months is more than three times more effective at detecting the condition than standard care, and could help prevent disabling strokes in patients, according to an Alberta clinical trial. (Photo: Supplied)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Results from clinical trial expected to significantly change how clinicians monitor for atrial fibrillation in stroke patients

U of A spinoff, U.S. firm merge to commercialize transplant technology

Cardiac surgery professors Jayan Nagendran (left) and Darren Freed with the EVOSS system they developed to extend the time donated lungs can be kept healthy while they are transported for transplant. The innovative technology took a major step toward approval, manufacture and global distribution with the merger of the U of A spinoff company Tevosol and the U.S.-based medical tech company Bridge to Life. (Photo: University Hospital Foundation)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Bridge to Life commits US$10 million to clinical trial and commercial development of Tevosol Ex-Vivo Organ Support System

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