Mild fever helps clear infections faster: study

Using a custom swim chamber to study how fish responded behaviourally to fever, researchers Daniel Barreda, Amro Soliman, Farah Haddad and their team found that mild fever helped the fish clear their bodies of infection rapidly, controlled inflammation and repaired tissue damage. (Photo: Supplied)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Research on fish shows that waiting before reaching for medications may be beneficial for humans

Early stages of star formation captured by James Webb telescope

Researchers are getting their first glimpses inside distant spiral galaxies to see how stars formed and how they change over time, thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope. (Photo: NASA/Space Telescope Science Institute)

Reading Time: 4 minutes The telescope’s mid-infrared capabilities allowed scientists to observe previously obscured details in faraway galaxies

Academic freedom one of the foundations of democracy

Photo by Nonsap Visuals

Reading Time: 3 minutes We must never give up the struggle to preserve our right to know

Regulated career colleges key to solving labour shortages

Reading Time: 4 minutes An all-hands-on-deck approach needed if Western Canada is to maintain its advantage as a destination for global talent