Early stages of star formation captured by James Webb telescope

Researchers are getting their first glimpses inside distant spiral galaxies to see how stars formed and how they change over time, thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope. (Photo: NASA/Space Telescope Science Institute)

Reading Time: 4 minutes The telescope’s mid-infrared capabilities allowed scientists to observe previously obscured details in faraway galaxies

U of A satellite team pulls off space rescue mission in the nick of time

AlbertaSat team members complete maintenance on the ground station antenna on the roof of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Research Facility at the U of A. (Photo: Supplied)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Student-led AlbertaSat team comes to the aid of fellow cube satellite designers after communication failure threatens mission from International Space Station

Interpreting daytime skies

Sailors travelling east believed they would encounter rain and storms as they approached these red skies. If the red sky appeared to the mariners at night, bad weather was behind them

Reading Time: 4 minutes Sky watching isn’t as simple as looking at fluffy clouds – the sky is a complicated place where multiple phenomena are at work