Research project explores new way to boost canola production

Plant scientist Linda Gorim is leading a team using high-tech handheld devices to find out which canola breeds are best at photosynthesis, with the goal of improving yields for Canadian farmers. (Photo: Supplied)

Reading Time: 3 minutes AGRICULTURE: Latest technology will test how well different breeds convert the power of the sun, offering hope of better yields for farmers

New canola-killing clubroot strains found in Western Canada

U of A researchers identified nine new strains of clubroot, a disease that affects canola plants, in Western Canadian fields in 2017 and 2018. The discovery shows the number of clubroot strains that can overcome genetic resistance bred into canola plants is on the rise. (Photo: Supplied)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Their emergence of nine new strains points to the importance of broader strategies to protect crops in Western Canada

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