Alberta is high on hydrogen

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Episode 19 in our DECARBONIZATION series is the third of three episodes on the role of hydrogen in addressing Alberta’s commitment to emissions reduction in energy production. Yogi Schulz of Corvelle Consulting, Bill Howell, and Brent Lakeman of Edmonton Global answer questions raised by Alberta Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity Dale Nally’s presentation in episode 18.

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Yogi Schulz
Yogi Schulz
Yogi Schulz was a founding partner at Corvelle Consulting, which specializes in project management and information technology-related management consulting. Corvelle works primarily in the upstream oil and gas industry. Yogi has led the selection and implementation of geotechnical, field operations, production revenue accounting, and land and contracts systems.

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Brent Lakeman
Brent Lakeman
Brent Lakeland is Director of the Hydrogen Initiative at Edmonton Global. He has been leading clean energy initiatives within Alberta for over three decades. His knowledge of Alberta’s innovation ecosystem and his experience in forging industry-government partnerships will help position the Edmonton Metropolitan Region as Canada’s preeminent net zero hydrogen hub.

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Bill Howell
Bill Howell
Bill Howell has served in Plant Operations with Alcan AlF3 plant Arvida Quebec, as a Physical Scientist at Natural Resources Canada in Ottawa, Research Engineer ICI at Canadian Fracmaster Calgary, Secretary for three major consortia, with Canada’s Action Plan 2000 Mining R&D program, various policy-science committees – for example social media policy-actions program reports on looking to the future. He received his BSC in Chemical Engineering in Calgary in 1978 and MSc in 1986.

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