Decarbonization – How the world has lost its mind

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Episode #14 continues our Decarbonization series, the first of three featuring David Yager (bio below).

The series was produced by KEI Network for Troy Media.

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David Yager

David Yager
David Yager

David Yager is an oil service executive, entrepreneur and long-time writer. He has worked in the oil industry since 1970, and from 1987 to 2018 was a founder, senior office and director of several TSX-listed oil service companies.

From 2012 to 2016, he served as National Leader Oilfield Services for MNP LLP, a leading Canadian tax, accounting and consulting provider. He is currently President and CEO of Winterhawk Well Abandonment Ltd., which is a commercializing a wellbore methane emission technology.

Through Yager Management Ltd., he provides executive consulting, communications and policy analysis to companies, boards, industry associations and other organizations. He was Chairman of the Petroleum Services Association of Canada in 2009/2010.

David has been active in business journalism and energy policy analysis since 1979. He is a keynote speaker and regular commentator on the oil industry and energy policy in multiple media outlets.

His book – From Miracle to Menace – Alberta, A Carbon Story – was released in 2019.

David is a Troy Media Thought Leader. For interview requests, click here.

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By David Yager

David Yager’s journalism career began 40 years ago as co-owner of an oilfield trade magazine. For decades he has been analyzing and writing about oil and gas, politics and energy policy. He remains a frequent contributor to trade publications, newspapers, radio and television and has written background papers and policy positions for oil service trade associations since 1991.

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