Newly discovered fossil named after U of A paleontologist

U of A professor Murray Gingras, pictured at a first-year field school for geology students in 2019, has had a newly discovered 90-million-year-old fossil of an ancient insect burrow named after him by former graduate student Ryan King. (Photo: John Ulan)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Former grad student discovers new trace fossil and names it in honour of former supervisor Murray Gingras

Scientists unearth first baby tyrannosaur fossils ever found

The fossilized lower jawbone of a Daspletosaurus horneri, one of the first baby tyrannosaurs ever discovered. Estimates based on this 75-million-year-old fossil suggest the dinosaur embryo measured about 71 centimetres long. (Photo: Greg Funston)

Reading Time: 3 minutes University of Alberta PhD student part of research that sheds new light on how the dinosaurs grew from tiny to titanic size

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