The skilled trades shortage has a solution: women

But women have challenges that most men don’t have when entering the trades

As inflation rages minimum wage hikes fall short

Governments’ failure to care about low-wage workers has meant real-dollar pay cuts for those who can afford them least

Net zero has been a boon to dictators

Worshipping at the net-zero altar has led to two dictators controlling both energy security and the supply of manufactured goods

Profanity can make product reviews more persuasive

Marketing professor Katherine Lafreniere found that online reviews spiced up with swear words may be perceived as more helpful and more persuasive — up to a point. (Photo: John Ulan)

Product website gatekeepers might be better off allowing some profanity on their platforms

Trudeau can’t stop himself from embarrassing us

Justin Trudeau appeared in 'brownface' in a 2001 yearbook photo from the private school where he taught.

He dishonoured the Queen and her family during her funeral