A provincial remedy to the excesses of medical assisted suicide

Reading Time: 4 minutes MAiD is changing our health system to one designed to bury us at the lowest possible cost

Canada’s health-care system desperately needs creative leadership

Reading Time: 4 minutes Too bad there is none on offer

How to resolve the health-care deadlock in Canada

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Canada Health Act must permit more room for experimentation and innovation at a provincial level

Private health insurance would ease Canadians’ suffering

Reading Time: 3 minutes Provinces should allow other options, like duplicate insurance, so patients can access the care they need more quickly

Private facilities bring much needed competition to health care system

Reading Time: 4 minutes The competition will pressure governments to improve the public system

Canada’s health-care system is a disaster

Reading Time: 4 minutes Foreign-trained health professionals could help alleviate the strain