2012 Camaro all about baby-boomer nostalgia

The styling of this iteration definitely got people talking. Some felt it was too angular and rough around the edges, but it did convey the requisite muscularity and bad-boy persona, with a dash of nostalgia

A high-performance car for buyers who like to drive with enthusiasm and want everyone to know it

Gone but definitely not forgotten: Mazda RX-7

A 1993 Mazda RX-7: its Wankel-inspired rotary engine pumps out enormous amounts of power with comparatively small displacement. It originally came in five colours, including this, “competition yellow mica.” Behind the wheel, the car’s performance is intoxicating

It offers hell-for-leather performance, yet idles like a purring cat at stoplights and is perfectly civilized on the highway

Morgan brand still vital after ownership change

Arguably Morgan Motor Company’s most recognizable model is the three-wheeler. Available in the U.S., the 3 Wheeler is powered by a front-mounted, Harley-Davidson-derived, air-cooled, V-twin that displaces 1990 cc, and develops some 80 horsepower

In a world filled with anonymous SUVs and universally similar sedans and hatchbacks, seeing a Morgan going down the highway is like a breath of fresh air

VW Rabbit still plenty of fun to drive

The 2020 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI may have four doors, but it thinks it’s a two-seater sports car and can eat up tight corners with ease. It also has excellent braking, top-notch acceleration and a nice tight turning radius.

It can be a sensible people-carrier with room for four adults or a high-speed tear-away that matches just about anything on the road