Nissan Sentra proves the sedan is still very much alive in 2022

The Sentra won’t burn up the pavement. It’s moderately powerful, handles reasonably well and has decent braking. Despite its sleek racer styling, it’s not a sports car and the emphasis is on usability, not thrills. And that suits most people in this market just fine

First introduced to the market in 1982, it’s now in its eighth generation and has never been better

2012 Camaro all about baby-boomer nostalgia

The styling of this iteration definitely got people talking. Some felt it was too angular and rough around the edges, but it did convey the requisite muscularity and bad-boy persona, with a dash of nostalgia

A high-performance car for buyers who like to drive with enthusiasm and want everyone to know it

Buying used: 2012 Honda Insight offers ultra fuel economy

Most modern conveniences are standard with the LX model, and the EX features extras such as a navigation system, steering wheel-located paddle shifters, Bluetooth capability, steering wheel-mounted audio controls and lightweight alloy wheels

Originally priced at under $22,000, the 2012 Insight now ranges between $8-15K