Toyota Tundra offers muscles and manners

Remarkably powerful, yet docile in the city, it will allow you to tow up to 4,536 kg (10,000 pounds). Reserve power on the highway is outstanding. which means it can handle just about the biggest utility trailers and/or camping units you can find

The engine is one of the most responsive yet well-behaved power plants in this market. Remarkably powerful, yet docile in the city

Slow but sure, RAV4 Hybrid fills a need

For 2020, the all-wheel-drive Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is offered in four variations and comes in three trim levels. Power is delivered by a 2.5-litre Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine mated to Toyota’s hybrid Synergy electric drive train

As you would expect from any Toyota, the 2020 RAV4 Hybrid is very driver-accessible and immensely driveable

Toyota Prius still leads the hybrid pack

Toyota is on top of its game when it comes to hybrid technology and the Prius’s overwhelming success should be all the proof you need. Available with front-wheel or all-wheel-drive, the 2020 iteration of the Prius develops some 120 horsepower and uses a continuously variable transmission (CVT). It delivers a combined fuel economy of around 4.5 litres/100 km

This car is all about practicality and common sense. Toyota is on top of its game when it comes to hybrid technology

Toyota turns heads – and tight corners – with i-Road

The i-Road has been put into production by Toyota, in very limited numbers, and has been tested around the world. A battery pack feeds an electric motor that drives the rear wheel. The range is about 50 km, it has a top speed of 45 to 50 km/h and features surprisingly nimble performance

Part motorcycle and part automobile, the three-wheeled vehicle is innovative and provocative. But will it ever be allowed in Canada?