If Fauci is not responsible for the lockdowns, who is?

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If Fauci and his ilk continue to deny they are responsible for the lockdowns, there is no reason to believe this won’t happen again

Jeffrey TuckerIt’s human nature to resist admitting errors. If this pattern persists, however, and the errors are big enough, it can become psychopathology.

To prevent this is why every great religious tradition instills a discipline of penance and contrition. Through one means or another, it is crucial to admit, wholly and honestly, when one does wrong, accept responsibility, and make a firm purpose of amendment not to repeat the error.

The hope is that this habit becomes ingrained in ways of living so that we can be better people and build better societies. Without contrition and taking responsibility, errors and evils go unchecked and devour progress both personally and societally. This is especially true for epic, sweeping, and gravely consequential sins; there must be an accounting.

If Fauci is not responsible for the lockdowns, who is?
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What is most worrying about the past three years is that whole institutions, habits, laws, expectations, and hopes have been dashed against the rocks – by governments all over the world working with formerly trusted people in media and business – under the excuse of virus control.

We will live with the carnage for decades. Some people will never recover, millions of businesses will never return, lives went into enormous upheaval, many died unnecessarily, and nearly everyone alive today has a tragic story to tell. It compares with war in terms of the scale of disruption and tragedy.

And yet we are nowhere near, as a people and culture, to connecting the dots and coming up with a clear narrative about what precisely happened. Daily we read stories in the mainstream press documenting increases in excess deaths, falling life expectancy, illiteracy among the young, ill health in the working-age population, rampant substance abuse, widespread depression, declining birthrates, and a loss of trust. And yet very few of these stories ask much less answer, the question of why.

The reason is as obvious as the excuse for not mentioning it. The lockdowns and mandates – totalitarian in their essence – were widely supported in nearly all elite circles of opinion. And none among them is willing to stand up and take responsibility.

For example, Anthony Fauci told the New York Times: “Show me a school that I shut down and show me a factory that I shut down. Never. I never did. I gave a public-health recommendation that echoed the CDC’s recommendation, and people made a decision based on that. But I never criticized the people who had to make the decisions one way or the other.”

That is complete rubbish.

Fauci has publicly said dozens of times that he was the one who advised the lockdowns, defending them at every opportunity. He warned against opening and returning to school and was the ultimate alarmist about gathering with family and travelling. He was a proud proponent of the lockdowns at every step.

So we end up with a grotesque absurdity. Billions of lives were profoundly affected and wrecked all over the world, and yet it is nearly impossible to find a single person who will stand up and plainly say: I gave the order and now I regret it. This complete lack of penance or even admission of guilt is rampant at every level of government all over the world.

We can expect zero in the way of honesty, accountability, or contrition from this group.

If this pattern of denying responsibility continues, there is no reason to believe that we will learn anything, much less get justice. We cannot let this happen again. What happened was and is an epic scandal.

A tiny group of intellectuals, bureaucrats, grafting corporate moguls, and media figures set in motion – profited from – conditions that utterly wrecked societies the world over while the rest of us have been left with drastically diminished lives and liberties.

Yes, Fauci is responsible. They are all responsible. No one should let them get away with claiming otherwise.

Jeffrey A. Tucker is Founder and President of the Brownstone Institute and the author of thousands of articles in the scholarly and popular press and ten books in 5 languages, most recently Liberty or Lockdown.

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By Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey A. Tucker is Founder and President of the Brownstone Institute. He is also Senior Economics Columnist for Epoch Times, author of 10 books, including Liberty or Lockdown, and thousands of articles in the scholarly and popular press. He speaks widely on topics of economics, technology, social philosophy, and culture.

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