Bike riders need to learn to share the road

Traffic in Vancouver is bad enough as it is – the worst in Canada, in fact. And giving a bunch of hardcore cyclists free rein and rerouting car traffic through quiet neighbourhoods to accommodate them isn’t helping

Reading Time: 3 minutes Just because you ride a bike, that doesn’t put you on the side of the angels or make you better than the rest of us

The two-wheel war of words: Harley or not

The Friday the 13th motorcycle rally at Port Dover, Ont. Wherever bikers get together, an inevitable them-versus-us vibe arises. Either you’re a Harley-Davidson rider or you’re not. And the two groups definitely don’t mix well.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Show up at a Harley gathering with your Yamaha or Kawasaki and you can definitely expect the cold shoulder

Indian Motorcycle reborn, again

Indian Motorcycle’s Scout Sixty develops 78 horsepower. For a bike that weighs in at some 245 kg (540 pounds), that gives it decent performance. It’s comparable to Harley-Davidson’s Sportster model but infinitely better looking. With a starting price of around $11,000, this one is a serious rival to the Sportster

Reading Time: 4 minutes Polaris now has control of the classic name and is manufacturing a seven-model lineup. There are dealers across Canada