Buying used: 2010 Nissan Versa

Because of its extra power, perhaps, the Versa didn’t feel as buzzy as a Honda Fit, for example, and those models equipped with the CVT and larger engine offered more than enough oomph to handle extra passengers and cargo

Reading Time: 4 minutes The back seats fold flat effortlessly, and there are various storage nooks and pockets throughout the car

My enduring love affair with a 1976 Triumph TR6

There are all kinds of other cool old cars out there, so why a 35-year-old Triumph TR6 named Beryl? I love the Karmann-styled body of the TR6 and appreciate the fact that it’s arguably the last ‘real’ Triumph. As well, the engine is essentially an enlarged version of the renowned indestructible Ferguson tractor engine that was fitted to the original TR2, which gives it an excellent heritage. Photo by Ted Laturnus

Reading Time: 4 minutes How I found myself scrabbling around on a cold garage floor trying to breathe life back into a car that should have gone to the knackers years ago

Five things that changed the classic car hobby

For older collectible cars, like this Triumph 1800 Roadster, maintenance can be an issue. Lots of parts are simply unavailable and the quality of original equipment manufacturer and new old stock replacement parts can be iffy.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Electronic ignitions, new carburetors, synthetic lubricating fuels, eBay and collector car insurance all play a role