Joint Venture submissions terms and conditions

To post your sponsored posts to Troy Media Digital Solutions  news sites, you must read and adhere to our guidelines.

The cost to post to is US$130.

To broadcast your post across our network of news sites (see the list below), add US$150. All of our sites are based in Canada.


Submissions are to be made as Word docs only. Send your submissions to


  • Include an article title
  • Include an SEO title (does not have to be the same as the article title)
  • Include an excerpt
  • Include an SEO description (does not have to be the same as the excerpt)
  • Include 1 image only, with captions including Photo credit.
  • Articles should be at least 500 words in length
  • Include no more than 3 dofollow links
  • Include the email of your accounts payable department. Our invoices are generated through Paypal and a link to the invoice will be sent when we notify you that your article has been posted

English not your first language? Let us edit your article for only US$50 per article.

Our cost to write the article is US$350. Your article will be assigned to one of our freelance writers.

Guidelines for product reviews

Contact us if you have a product you would like us to review.

These are the quidelines:

  1. Depending on the client (and product), we will assign the review to one of our journalists.  The cost for the review and posting is US$450. The article would fall under our Editorial guidelines so would be shown on our homepage. However, this disclaimer is placed in the tagline at the bottom of the article:
    [Product] was supplied by [your client] for review. Content was not subject to approval.
  1. As Editorial content, you would be able to link from previous articles on our site. See Adding links to existing content below.
  2. As Editorial content, your product review would be added to our social media pages at no extra charge.


Payment Policy:

Our invoices are issued through Paypal. Pay only on invoice. DO NOT send payment to us by any other method. This ensures that we do not inadvertently delete your content because the invoice is still marked as unpaid.

Please pay invoice promptly. A US$20 admin fee will be added to your bill if the article is removed due to non-payment after 3 days. The full amount, including the admin fee, would have to be paid in advance to restore the article. There is also a US$15 charge for each change you request to your article after posting.


Your articles will appear on our site for 3 years.

Online gambling – you MUST tackle the story from a different angle. Be creative. Write informational articles. Some examples are how-tos of poker or any other game; statistics on the rise of online gambling, the technology behind the platform, and interview with the CTO etc.

All submissions are first approved by us before posting.

Your article will NOT be placed under any of our Editorial categories and NOT appear on our homepage. It will be placed under Category>Joint Venture.

The author will be Joint Venture.

The following is included in the tagline:
This content is a joint venture between our publication and our partner. We do not endorse any product or service in the article.

We do not allow dating or mail order bride articles.

Adding links to existing content

Links can be added to any article posted under Joint Venture.
You must choose text already in the article to anchor your link to. We don’t add extra text.

Cost to add a link

1 link = US$50
2 links (different articles) = US$90, paid in advance
3 links (different articles) = US$120, paid in advance
4 links (different articles) = US$140, paid in advance.

Payment Policy for links:

Please pay promptly. A US$20 admin fee will be added to your bill if the link is removed due to non-payment after 3 days and you wish to have it restored.  The full amount, including the admin fee, would have to be paid in advance to restore the link.

Submitting more than one article?

Take advantage of our discounts. You pay:
only US$220 ($110 per article) for 2 articles
only US$290 ($96 per article) for 3 articles
ONLY $960 ($80 per article) FOR 12 ARTICLES
Editing extra. Payment is in advance.

Current sites:

The Kindersley Clarion, Calgary’s Business, Edmonton’s Business, West-Central Crossroads, Strathmore Voice, Petrolia Voice, Ingersoll Voice, Portage la Prairie Voice, Kirkland Lake Voice, Pembroke Voice, Kapuskasing Voice, Norwich Voice, Camrose Voice, Rosetown Eagle, Calmar Voice, Portage Citizen, Nelson Voice, Warman Voice, Rockyford Voice, Humboldt Voice, Fort McKay Voice, Hussar Voice, Bluenose Bulletin, Sask Valley Voice,, Etobicoke Voice, Troy Media, Grande Cache Voice, Grizzly Gazette, Two Hills Voice

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