10 more zany, wacky gadgets at CES 2023

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This is the last article on this year’s CES 2023. Again I ask: Will these 10 gadgets improve your life?

Yogi SchulzSmell-O-Vision for the metaverse

Do you want to add scents to your videos or metaverse experience?

The Japanese startup Aromajoin is introducing the world’s first scented video platform. The Aroma Shooter can instantly switch among various scents for the duration of your video, virtual reality or metaverse experience.

The device first pushes ambient air through one of six scent cartridges to create the scented air that becomes a gentle breeze that the end user smells. Aromajoin offers hundreds of scents. The scents range from coffee to orange to shampoo.

Media developers use the AromaPlayer software to associate particular scents with specific timestamps.

Smell-O-Vision for the metaverse
<strong>Smell O Vision for the metaverse<strong>

The ultimate privacy mask
<strong>The ultimate privacy mask<strong>

High-tech cat litter box
<strong>High tech cat litter box<strong>

Improve your air quality
<strong>Improve your air quality<strong>

Shower with entertainment
<strong>Shower with entertainment<strong>

Play with robot DOG-E
<strong>Play with robot DOG E<strong>

Check your intestines in real-time
<strong>Check your intestines in real time<strong>

Luxury massage chair
<strong>Luxury massage chair<strong>

Better health through nail imaging
<strong>Better health through nail imaging<strong>

Portable ergonomic workstation
<strong>Portable ergonomic workstation<strong>

If your videos are boring, Aroma Shooter may add engagement.

Buy from Aroma Shooter.

The ultimate privacy mask

Do you need privacy for your incessant phoning in public places?

The SkyTed mask provides voice privacy and complete comfort in airplanes, open offices, video gaming, public transportation, and in the virtual world. Sales will likely increase as 5G telephoning becomes widespread on commercial flights. No one wants their neighbour to eavesdrop or be disturbed by our phone call.

SkyTed’s masks contain small, powerful resonators derived from breakthrough aerospace technology designed to muffle aircraft engine sounds.

If you participate in conference calls while in noisy, public places and need to eliminate the noisy background, this geeky-looking face mask may help.

Learn more at SkyTed.

High-tech cat litter box

Are you tired of scooping cat poop?

If you enjoy your cat but want to stop scooping and neutralizing annoying odours, then Litter-Robot 4 is for you.

This high-tech litter box has a fully-automatic, quiet, self-cleaning sifting system, advanced odour control and real-time monitoring. The accompanying Whisker app offers a personalized dashboard, notifications and insights.

This product sounds like ridiculous overkill to solve a small litter problem.

Buy from Litter-Robot 4.

Improve your air quality

Is your local air quality undermining your health or enjoyment of the surroundings?

The Airvida T1 earbuds claim to be the world’s first wearable ionic air purifier with noise-cancelling audio. It can protect users from both air pollutants and ambient noises. Its smartphone app informs users about the current air quality so they can adjust the volume of negative ions released.

The Airvida T1 enables everyone to enjoy clean air and personalized music when they’re on the go. It’s a perfect solution to people’s growing concern about air-related issues. You can place the Airvida T1 in its charging case for use as a desktop air purifier.

I wonder if these earbuds can release enough negative ions to noticeably improve the air around my head.

Learn more about the Airvida T1 earbuds. Buy the product on Amazon.

Shower with entertainment

Are you missing immersive entertainment while showering?

Shower Power Pro is the world’s first app-enabled hydro-powered Bluetooth shower speaker. You’ll always have music and a light show in the shower, but be careful to avoid slipping while dancing to the music.

You need this product if you’re not sufficiently entertained or want to practice singing while showering.

Buy the Shower Power Pro.

Play with robot DOG-E

Does your dog require too much attention?

DOG-E, the cute robot dog, hears your voice, can roll toward you, and display various lights. You can personalize DOG-E by changing the eyes, paws, tails and hearts. The companion app tracks needs, saves profiles teaches DOG-E multiple tricks.

Suppose you want a dog that doesn’t mess up your home. DOG-E may be the answer because it comes with an off switch.

Pre-order DOG-E.

Check your intestines in real-time

Do you suffer from loud intestinal gurgling?

GutNote is the world’s first smartphone application to check your gut health through the sound of your peristaltic motion.

The app uses recorded intestine sounds and AI to analyze the current condition of your bowel. The app produces customized dietary recommendations based on the diagnosis of the individual’s conditions.

Unless you like to play sophomoric pranks, this app won’t help you.

Learn more about GutNote.

Luxury massage chair

Is your clunky massage chair no longer working for you?

Let your uLove 3 Total Well-Being Chair measure and relieve stress through superior smart technologies designed for everyone in the family. Achieve total mind and body relaxation as you feel your stress melt away!

The uLove 3 uses electrocardiogram (ECG) biosensors to calculate a person’s Body Tension score from heart rate, respiration rate and stress level. Using the score, the uLove 3 provides a personalized Body Tension program that combines massage intensity and music to achieve complete body relaxation.

This over-priced $10,000 massage chair may be the most ridiculous way to spend your money yet devised.

Buy the uLove 3 Total Well-Being Chair.

Better health through nail imaging

Are you a health junky bordering on hypochondria?

HealthyVerse is an innovative healthcare service that describes a person’s health status by extracting disease similarity (18 types) and nutritional deficiency symptoms (18 types) by imaging their nails. A deep-learning AI nail algorithm analyzes the images to manage health indicators.

The health indicators can be used to devise a personalized nutrition plan and help detect nutritional deficiencies and health abnormalities through trend analysis. This plan can prevent the overuse or misuse of dietary supplements and health foods.

Is this nail imaging technique superior to reasonable nutrition and exercise?

Learn more about HealthyVerse.

Portable ergonomic workstation

Is your laptop killing your back?

eZrize is the world’s first portable ergonomic workstation that doubles as a carrying case for your laptop. EZrize spares your back, neck, and shoulders from unwanted aches and pains.

EZrize may improve your posture but also doubles the weight you have to carry. There are lighter and cheaper solutions to this ergonomic problem.

Order eZrize.

Yogi Schulz has over 40 years of information technology experience in various industries. Yogi works extensively in the petroleum industry. He manages projects that arise from changes in business requirements, the need to leverage technology opportunities, and mergers. His specialties include IT strategy, web strategy and project management.

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By Yogi Schulz

Yogi Schulz has over 40 years of Information Technology experience in various industries. Yogi works extensively in the petroleum industry. He manages projects that arise from changes in business requirements, from the need to leverage technology opportunities and from mergers. His specialties include IT strategy, web strategy, and project management.

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