YouTube Channels for Entrepreneurs to Follow In the Year 2020

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By Caroline Eastman
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Entrepreneurs are amazing people, always brimming with ideas and on the lookout for new opportunities to expand their business. Hence, entrepreneurship comes with its own thrill and challenges.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, then one of the best ways to refresh your thoughts and learn from the experiences of other people is to get on Google and read something about successful businessmen who are creating records. Even if you are not on the path of entrepreneurship, then you can loads of motivation to improve your everyday life and start your journey towards success.

Reading about successful entrepreneurs not only help you get you more ideas, but also helps you keep more updated about what is happening in the world of business. Who knows maybe you will find a great opportunity or an idea will click and your life changes for good.

YouTube Channels for Entrepreneurs to Follow In the Year 2020

Before we share some of the resources and channels that you can follow, make sure you have a high-speed internet at your disposal such as Spectrum that not only gives you high-speed internet, but great cable TV packages such as Spectrum TV Select. Once your internet issues are sorted, here are a few channels that will help you as an entrepreneur:

The Google Business Channel

Channel Name: GoogleBusiness

No.of Subscribers: 304,000

The channel is an ideal blend of big business resources of Google and countless small businesses that exist in the world. You can watch real-time videos about how small businesses and startups overcome challenges and ensure business growth online. The channel also shares some useful tools by Google that you can use and many other resources. You can also find tips, advice, hacks and different kinds of help for small businesses and get exposure and connect with individuals.

David Siteman Garland/The Rise to the Top

Channel Name: therisetothetop

No.of Subscribers: 8,550

The channel is ideal for mediapreneurs and other people who want to grow online presence of their business. For people and businesses who create and sell digital products and services using online media, this channel is amazing with a lot of advice. For people who want to interact with other people from the industry and become more insightful, this is a channel you should be following.

Roberto Blake – Always Be Creating

Channel Name: robertoblake2

No.of Subscribers: 481,000

This is more than a channel for Roberto. It is Roberto’s mission and a guiding principle and this is quite evident in his channel. He publishes a video almost every day and he tries to convince people and guide them to be creative entrepreneurs. This guy has some really amazing videos that focus on social media, photography, unboxing videos, graphic design, vlogs and many other things that will help you become more creative with your ideas and grow your business.

Marie Forleo – Marie TV

Channel Name: marieforleo

No.of Subscribers: 669,000

If you are a small business or a startup, then you must know about Marie Forleo’s Marie TV that has some really authentic content and has a funny and kind way of conveying life advice and work practices. Through this channel, you can get lots of knowledge in a very entertaining way. Marie’s idea behind the channel is to create some really helpful content for people who visit her channel. She wants people to have a perfect life and create a business that they would love to see grow.


Channel Name: TEDtalksDirector

No. of Subscribers: 18,100,000

TEDTalks are not something new. They have been a source of inspiration for many people. This is the perfect channel for people who are looking for some great advice and inspiration inspiration to do something great in life. With this channel, you can have a look at people who are great thinkers, business leaders and many other individuals who can inspire you and grow. You can watch TED conferences in a video form and get some great ideas for yourself.


Channel Name: Skillshare

No. of Subscribers: 284,000

This is an online learning community where you can find almost all talented and accomplished individuals who can teach you and more than 3 million students. This is a perfect place for people who have side hustles and are very eager to learn and add more to their knowledge. Also, if you are someone who wants to make their business a success and connect to a panel of experts from different industries, this is the channel meant for you.

It’s time to do something great

There are a lot of experts including Tai Lopez, White Rose and many others who you can follow for some serious dose of inspiration. Following these channels, you can get connected to different mentors and other successful individuals around the world, who can help you out in all stages of your business.

Caroline Eastman
Caroline Eastman

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