Top Car Collectors In the World

Top Car Collectors In the World
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Top Car Collectors In the World

Some people collect jewellery, some people collect stamps, and there are other who collect cars. And when we say they collect cars, we mean expensive cars. Some of these car collectors even have custom made cars just to add to their collections.

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Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

He has a net worth of over 20 billion dollars, so it doesn’t come as shock that he is one of the top car collectors in the world. His car collection houses of 7000 cars, and part of his collection are custom made cars as well.

His custom made cars include the Ferrari Mythos, Pininfarina- designed jaguar, Bentley Java 4×4 to mention bur a few.

Sheikh Hamdan bin al Nayhan

From Abu Dhabi’s ruling elite, just like at casino games business, we have billionaire Sheikh Hamdan bin al Nayhan. Part of his car collection are 7 Mercedes S-Classes, each for the color of the rainbow. He also several monster trucks as well any other car that tickles his fancy. What makes his car collection stand out is that he keeps it in a pyramid.

Jay Leno

Jay leno is collector of classic cars. He has cars that we are you forget even existed. His car collection includes a 1909 Baker electric, a 1931 8-litre Bentley, a 1909 Stanly teamer, a 1934 Phantom II from Rolls Royce to mention but a few. As we said, these are cars that we sure you didn’t even know still existed.

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