The Three Primary Types of Online Slots

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When playing slot machines online, you’re most likely to encounter one of three different options. They all have reels, they all spin, and getting identical symbols is always a good thing. Although they are similar in primary structure, each type of slots has some predominant differences. Before you jump online and start spinning reels, it’s essential to understand the features and unique rules for each kind so you can bet effectively.

The main factors you’ll want to look at are paylines, symbols, bonus features and coins.

The Three Primary Types of Online Slots

What are paylines?

When playing slots or online pokies, the main purpose is to get identical symbols on your paylines. Depending on how many reels your machine has, the number of possible paylines can vary. A payline will cross all the reels on the machine either vertically, diagonally, horizontally and even zigzag. Each machine is different, and you do not need to know these lines off the top of your head since the computer will determine your winnings for you.

Although all online slots have paylines, there are three different types.

Reel slots

Online reel slots are similar to the traditional mechanical slot machines in almost every way. They have three reels, which create a total of five possible paylines. Reel slots are very straightforward to play as you just choose how many coins, and of what denomination your want to bet. Some online slots will have fixed paylines, in that you don’t have to do anything except make a bet and hope you get three in a row somewhere. Others are adjustable, allowing you to pick the exact paylines to bet on. If you’re a beginner or want to play something easy, then reel slots will be best.

Video slots or five-reel slots

Video slots are a more complex version of the reel slots. Instead of three reels, there are five, and instead of five paylines, there are over one hundred. With so many different paylines you can win video slots in about 1000 different ways. There are many factors you will have to choose when playing online video slots. Firstly, you will need to decide how many coins you want to bet and what denomination. Then you will have to enable the paylines that you want to bet on. These types of online slots require more strategy.

For each payline you want to bet on you will have to pay an additional wager. Once you are happy with your choice, click SPIN and wait to see the result. Your device will tell you if you’ve won and how much.

Progressive slots

Online progressive slots are different in that you are not the only one trying for the jackpot. Anyone who is playing progressive slots online at any one time are linked together. A portion from each person’s bets will go into a communal pot and the prize will keep increasing until someone gets the winning combo. Progressive slots are usually between three and five reels and generally work the same as the other two. You’ll be able to see the jackpot going up each time you spin your reels.

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