The Popularity of Fast Food Takeout Restaurants

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Given its prevalence worldwide, it is unsurprising that the golden arches took the largest share of the brand searches for fast-food firms. The burger-flipping behemoth, McDonald’sis the largest restaurant chain worldwide when it comes to revenue. As of 2018, the golden arches had operations in 100 different nations and 37,855. Forty-one out of the 81 states for which information was available looked up for McDonald’s more than any other eatery or branded food takeaway.

The most significant concentration of such searches emerged from Europe. There were 26 out of 30 nations in Europe yearning for a Big Mac. At the top charts in 23 states such as South Africa, Australia, and the United Kingdom, KFC emerged at the second slot on the list for most popular fast food joints. However, the state that most longed for the secret combination of spices and herbs from the Colonel was Malaysia. It amassed an average search of 301,000 every month, which was more than any other nation.

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It is projected that KFC caters to 25 million consumers each month in Malaysia, a figure that is only 6.5 million shy of its whole population. The menu provides several localized products such as rice congee, which is a kind of porridge. The list goes on to include the teh Tarik, a milky team that has gained popularity in Southeast Asia. Pizza Hut in the United States was the most popular firm in one particular place. It averaged 1.83 million searches each month between March and May. The information available on Google Keyword Planner showed that there were 26.6 million searches for food delivery, takeout, delivery, and takeaway between March and May.

The United States accounted for 39 percent, which is 10.5 million of them alone. Nonetheless, per capita, with one search for 31 members of the general population in three months, the United States only came up second among the states with the top volume of searches. On top of the chart, with one search for ten individuals was Belgium. Next on the list were the United Kingdom and Australia, with one in 44 and one in 40, respectively. Despite registering the most searches at number five for takeaway food among the leading ten nations, India had the least per capita with one search for 1,457 individuals.

Unsurprisingly, with eateries having to shut down their activities, ordering in has become increasingly popular in a vast majority of the nations. There were increases in six out of the ten states that searched for takeaway food the most. These nations registered a percentage rise in three figures. The country that encountered the largest increase was Mexico. It had monthly searches growing by 1,223 every cent.

In line with Google Keyword Planner, in March, there were 31,480 in contrast to 416,400 in May. It was likely due to the late closure of eateries in Mexico, and the state had most of its places closing their doors on the 23rd of March. Notably, despite putting up the third-highest search volumes from March to May, the United Kingdom was the single country in the leading ten states whose need for takeaway food went up in the same period by nearly twenty percent.

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