Studying Abroad in 2021: Should You Consider It?

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We are living in what people are calling uncertain times. Nevertheless, 

This doesn’t mean you have to stop dreaming about studying abroad even considering all the travel bans and restrictions. There are still lots of options to go for a semester or for a long-term program, and move to another country.

Studying Abroad in 2021: Should You Consider It?
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In this article, you will find the most effective tips you can follow to decide whether studies abroad are still worth your efforts. 

No one would encourage you to apply for any of the programs if you are not ready to go far away from home in pandemic times. The thing is to point out possible opportunities and explain necessary steps to make your studies abroad safe and sound!

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But wait a minute. Think about the chance that travel restrictions will take place further. Are you ready to study online?

You won’t be able to feel the spirit of on-site learning, but in this case, it could be easier to be selected and receive financial support since many applicants will wait till the end of the pandemic to be fully involved in the study process.

If you feel like you are prepared, let’s elucidate what else could be important in your future studies abroad! There is no reason to assume that the worldwide situation will totally transform, so these tips will be on-date for a long time from now. Read on to discover the most up-to-date deliberations on this topic.

Find All Your Options

Ask your host university or organization about their plans in case of a new COVID-19 explosion. Will you be able to come later? Will they be willing to wait for you? And if yes, for how long? Do they offer any support in your visa application? Just go and check academic service It is normal to ask a lot of questions as this is the only way you can see if the opportunity is indeed attractive.

Discover Travel Restrictions

Contact your travel company to get detailed information on terms and possibilities of future flights and travel bans. Be aware of the latest information and recommendations from government authorities and carefully review the proposed resources. If it’s possible to get there now, you’ll be able to go in 2021 with no doubts.

Stay Tuned With Consulate

Get in touch with the embassy to track the latest updates and discuss possible restrictions on entering the country. Check travel advisory guidance and reconsider plans if you are advised to do that. Make well-informed decisions and don’t worry about change of plans!

Think about Health Issues

Take care of your insurance formalities. Make sure you don’t have to undertake extra contributions for additional cover package in case of COVID-19 infection. Consult your family doctor regarding potential risks of moving to another environment. Maybe it’s better to stay at home for a little bit?

Take Care of Your Finances

Make sure you have enough savings in case you won’t be able to work abroad due to the quarantine restrictions. Living abroad may be quite expensive and a lot of people around the world are suffering due to job cuts. Don’t rely on easy money!

If none of these paragraphs scare you, refer to unusual study options and get inspired. In case you strongly wish to apply but have no idea where to start looking for educational possibilities, check this list below. You will be surprised to know how many programs look forward to welcoming you in 2021. 

  1. European exchange programme for Entrepreneurs

This is the best possible opportunity to dive into running a small business and move to European country for 3 up to 6 months. Upon graduation, you will be able to shadow an experienced entrepreneur, develop your business plan and discover business strategies far away from home! Use this programme to foster your marketing, media and entrepreneurial skills.

  1. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master

International Master’s study programs are welcoming the best student candidates around the world. You will have an opportunity to study in at least two universities across the world during the curriculum for a minimum of 12 up to 24 months. The application process for 2021/2022 commences in early September, so keep an eye out. 

  1. Mitacs

If you have been dreaming to work on an innovation project and meet talented people from your area of professional interest, it’s the best option! You will work for three months on proposed research with a Canadian professor. And after graduation in your home university, you’ll come back to Canada with full funding to continue your degree studies.

  1. UGRAD

This is a unique opportunity for undergraduates to spend a semester in one of US Universities. You become one of those who gain academic, cross-cultural and leadership knowledge. For more highlights, visit the website!

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities besides the regular academic life. The post-virus recovery period may be delayed. Nobody knows when we will come back to our normal life with no restrictions. Yet, life goes on, and diverse opportunities are waiting for you! 

Wrapping Up 

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly evolving, let’s remain optimistic about the ability to study abroad in the next academic year.

Let’s refresh important clues you need to focus on before considering going abroad: be curious, patient and monitor each and every grant you may be eligible for if you wish to risk and apply. 

Be mindful of related restrictions. Closely monitor ongoing Coronavirus situation, this is the best advice you can ever get! And always remember about your health. Sometimes it’s better to stay at home till better times.

Finally, don’t be afraid to try your luck. The earlier you start to consider the opportunity to study abroad, the better! You will acquire a crucial benefit – your preparedness for the application process if you dare to.

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