Restaurant Design and Furniture Trends to Expect in 2020

Wood elements
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A new year marks a new beginning, promising a fresh start and another chance to improve. As 2020 makes its entrance, many restaurant owners together with commercial interior designers and commercial furniture distributors are wasting no time searching for trending interior and furniture designs. Much like the various developing fashion trends for the duration of the year which appeal to the consumers, so do restaurant interior and furniture trends in the food service industry. This coming year is a new season for opportunities to stay ahead of the trends by completing your business remodel or by updating your décor.

If one motif unites the restaurant interior and furniture design trends we expect to see this year, it is shifts in the way we conduct business. Top restaurant design trends of 2020 are split into two main categories: conceptual trends that restaurant design their entire establishment around and design elements which restaurants use to make a few changes to update their décor.

Many start-up restaurants which Affordable Seating has worked with build their business model around a central theme or concept. Those restaurant concepts tend to revolve around the seating layout and design of the dining room.

Conceptual Design Elements

Communal Eating

Though we have already seen the rise of communal eating last year, this trend is expected to grow more with the increase of food halls and a more open concept dining. Offering shared spaces and large restaurant tables create a unique social and dining atmosphere perfectly suited for those who are looking for engagement with others while eating. Additionally, a communal eating design also maximizes the available dining space. More people eating at the same time can help increase your sales!

Restaurant Design and Furniture Trends to Expect in 2020

Rooftop Dining

Many customers enjoy eating outdoors and take advantage when the weather allows. With multiple story high rises and limited outdoor dining spaces in big cities, however, rooftop dining has become popular. Whether the weather is cold or hot, rooftop restaurants and bars are accommodating guests to dine year round. Plants, lighting, umbrellas, and decorative commercial patio furniture liven up the rooftop dining space in the summer whereas blankets, outdoor patio heaters and fire places create a cozy space during the winter. If your restaurant is located in a big city, having a rooftop dining space provides beautiful views thus potentially enhancing dining experiences which can draw more customers.

Waiting and Ordering Areas

With an increasing demand for take-out and delivery services, more restaurants are creating designated waiting areas where customers and third party delivery drivers can pick up their orders. This arrangement separates customers who are dining in from those who are just coming to pick up their food. Cut down congestion by including a designated pick-up area for your delivery and take-out orders in your floor plan. As people are waiting, you can keep them comfortable with a few well-placed restaurant booths and waiting benches.

Restaurant Furniture Design Trends

Although design concepts are the foundation of a restaurant, design elements alone are individual aspects of your dining room’s interior design that you can renovate and update as you see necessary such as the color on your walls, light fixtures, restaurant furniture, or other decorations. Industrial design in restaurant furniture with reclaimed (look) wood coupled with metal furniture pieces along with other elements such as brick walls, exposed piping and light bulbs seems like it has peaked but has reported to be gradually declining after many years of success. Many restaurateurs see this style as being outdated and are looking for new innovative design styles.

Mixed and Matched

Whether intentional or not, the look of mix-and-match furniture has been trending in residential settings but has eventually made its way into restaurants and other commercial spaces. The contrast in furniture pieces and design emits a welcoming feeling that patrons will love when walking through your doors. You can incorporate this trend by selecting restaurant from the same color scheme but with different styles. Cushions also are a great mash-up accent and can be used in booth seating.

Wood Elements

Many restaurants want to carry out a more natural feel for their interior and are accomplishing this by brining outdoor design elements indoors. Adding wood accent walls, restaurant chairs, bud vases or wood textured lamp bases will make your restaurant cozier. Using wood elements in your restaurant could be as simple has a new hostess station, new tables for your dining room or benches for your waiting area.

Wood elements

Customized Furniture

Restaurateurs in particular, but also other business owners as well, want to have more input into the commercial furniture they are buying to stand out from competition and the crowd. Many won’t just settle for mass produced options you can find at your local furniture store. They want to be able to customize the items with special fabrics, vinyl, colors or other patterns along with their personal touch. Fortunately, Affordable Seating offers custom furniture options with most of their products, especially their restaurant booths that increasingly need to look and feel more high-end with unique materials. is an online restaurant furniture distributor servicing the food and hospitality industry for over 11 years. Our diverse selection of restaurant furniture is offered in a variety of materials and styles suited for any motif and decor. Our high-quality, well-designed products are durable, practical and competitively priced. Visit us at to learn more about our items.

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