Permanent Residence in Singapore: Application procedures, benefits, and obligations

Singapore skyline
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When you consider the economic status of Singapore; it is not surprising why a lot of people from around the world desire to reside permanently in this beautiful island state. While others are drawn there because of its incredibly high living standards, many more plan on becoming residents because of the advantages that come with PR (Permanent Residency).

In this post, we will take a quick look at Singapore’s PR benefits and application procedures. Let’s get started.

Singapore skyline

Advantages of PR in Singapore

When you become a permanent resident of Singapore, you will be given a blue card. This card unlocks the door to several benefits that accompany permanent residency. Here are a just few of them:

  • No Restrictions to Your Visa: One of the obvious yet amazing benefits that accompanies the PR status in Singapore is that you can stay for as long as you want. This gets rid of the hassles of trying to renew your visa or work permit to remain in this beautiful country. Beyond that, there are no restrictions limiting when you can decide to leave or return to the country.
  • Unlimited Job Opportunities: People on normal visas need to apply for a work permit — and this permit is only valid for a certain period of time. This implies that people who are neither citizens nor residents need to make an Employment Pass Application to enable them to work in Singapore. When the permit expires, it will always be necessary to renew it without PR. Check One Visa website to begin your PR application journey.

Failure to do so, or a rejection of a renewal application can often result in a requirement to leave. Permanent residents do not have to bother themselves with work permit renewals. This implies that they can work for as long as they wish to and change jobs as much as they desire.

  • No Business Restrictions: One of the advantages of being a permanent resident in Singapore is that you have the freedom to start up any business you desire. This means that there is a clear path to entrepreneurial opportunities. As a result, permanent residents can begin their journey to financial freedom without any restrictions.
  • Additional Options in Purchasing Properties: It is true that it is only the citizens of Singapore that are allowed to purchase new HDB units from the government. However, second-hand HDB units can be purchased by permanent residents also. Hence, there is an opportunity for permanent residents to become property owners.

Singapore’s Permanent Residency Application Procedures

The authority responsible for the approval of permanent residency in Singapore is the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority). The category that the person applying qualifies for will determine the documents, procedures, and forms that will be required. It is important that you avoid even the simplest mistakes as single error can be the reason that your application is not approved. The authority responsible for the approval of the PR application is very meticulous. Hence, the need to take all the time you need to fill out all the info correctly. There are online tools that can help check if your application complies with the guidelines stated by the ICA.

In conclusion, Singapore’s permanent residency comes with a lot of perks that will make your decision to relocate to this country worth it.

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