Choosing the Best Exterior Doors

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Exterior doors must be strong enough to withstand extreme weather elements such as window, scorching sun and rain. It should be able to protect your against would-be-intruders. Besides, your front doors should be appealing to create a good first impression. Unfortunately, not all entry doors meet all the things we have highlighted here. You will find out majority of entry doors are made of wood material that is prone to extreme weather elements. Wood crack, peel off and warp when exposed to extreme weather elements such as extreme cold and scorching sun. Metal doors rust, and they are not the best option either.

Choosing the Best Exterior Doors

Does that describe your entry doors? There are new options that resist weather elements better. Whether you want wood or metal doors, these updated exterior doors will serve you better. According to WindowTech, here are things to keep in mind when selecting new front doors.

  1. Material Matters

No matter how appealing a door looks, it does not add value to your front part of the house if it is made of weak material. Exterior doors should be made from materials that are strong enough to provide you with enough security and to withstand harsh climatic conditions. Some of the materials you can use on your front door that include:

  • Wood

When it comes to class and aesthetics, this material goes unbeaten. It is the most expensive in terms of maintenance and budget. Wooden exterior doors can be decorated with many designs during their manufacture, and they give your home a warm, natural feel.

If budget and high maintenance isn’t one of the factors that affect choice of entry doors, then wood would be an appropriate option for you. However, you will have the most beautiful home than you can imagine, thanks to your wood front doors.

  • Steel Doors

When considering durability, steel entry doors Toronto are the most durable and provide you with a security guarantee. They are hard to break, and they do not get affected by harsh weather conditions. In case they become dented, they can be easily straightened with a repair kit for auto bodies.

You can have your steel door finished with a wood grain pattern or a smooth finish, depending on how you want it. Always check on steel door warranties because some manufactures are particular. Installing a steel door with aluminum would cause them to void your warranty as this combination causes peeling to your door due to building up of heat.

  • Fiberglass Composite Doors

They are a combination of fiberglass and wood, which make them have a wooden finish on the external, and fiberglass strength from the inside. These entry doors Toronto can be stained with different wood textures such as cherry, walnut, oak, and others.

These doors are affordable and have long warranties. During installation, make sure that you treat its grains like actual wood grains. The pattern should run on the tiles vertically and on the rails horizontally.

  • Aluminum Doors

Aluminum exterior doors are always custom-made by the manufacturers to perfectly match your door opening. They are durable and relatively affordable, just like the steel doors. These doors are not available in door outlets, but you find them exclusively with dealers of aluminum doors.

These entry doors Toronto come in different finishes and colors that give you extensive options to choose from. They are given strong finishing by baking enamel, which makes them have a perfect finish that never requires further painting. They come with long term warranties, usually 20 years, and they do not rust.

  1. Buying Smart
  • Make sure that your manufacturer provides you with all the front door components you need. It helps in the door’s compatibility and saving time to move from one manufacturer to the next.
  • Consider purchasing units that are glazed with Low-E. They improve your house’s security because they are hard to break-in.
  • Make sure that your door has a functional thermal break. It helps in controlling the amount of heat entering or leaving your house through the door.
  • Choose the right door that favors your budget and that which represents your home. It helps in minimizing the costs of going back to the store because you are not satisfied with your choice.

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