Apex Legends tips to rank up quickly

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With the first official Ranked Series of Apex Legends winding to a close and another fresh season emerging on the horizon, competitive players are gunning harder than ever for those highly coveted Ranked Points. This means that everyone is bringing their A-game to the Ranked queues, and if you are still grinding ranks to win those sweet exclusive rewards for the next tier, you’ll need to do the same. To play in the right lobbies, you can get an Apex Legends account or Apex Legends boosting services from Eldorado.gg.

Apex Legends tips to rank up quickly

Play with a pre-made team

This one might be a little obvious and, unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, it’s not always an option. Yet the truth is that playing with a familiar squad provides far more advantages than queuing up and crossing your fingers for a good line-up.

You can interact more easily and efficiently, know how to work with the play styles of each other, and reduce the risk of working with dead weight or totally unfriendly partners. You should organize the squad composition as a bonus, to optimize the ability of each squad mate. On top of that, nothing is more frustrating than to end up with a random friend who feels they ‘re better off playing as a one-man military.

Communicate with your Randoms

Queuing up with Randoms isn’t an ideal situation to begin with, but there’s no need to make it any worse by completely disregarding them. If you’re queuing alone or with a single friend, take the extra step to extend an olive branch towards your randomly selected companion. It might just be a match-winning move.

While Apex’s contextual ping system works wonders for team communication, establishing contact via the mic allows you to share much more specific and crucial information. If you’re in a party, invite them. You might just wind up with a solid third teammate to include in the squad for your next match. If you want to play alongside better randoms, you can use the Apex Legends boosting services offered by Eldorado.gg.

Play as/with a Pathfinder

Almost every skill set in Legends can be game-winning moves in desperate moments, but the most tactically useful has to be the zipline and grappling hook from Pathfinder. With these, the player — and their squad by extension — may claim otherwise unattainable high ground positions that are vital in spotting goals and winning gunfights.

These abilities are continually paying dividends as the ring constraints and advantageous positions are becoming ever more limited. Getting a Pathfinder on board means that they’re still available, whether you’re trying to grab them for an advantage or urgently need a way to fight a team that’s already set up in a tough position to get to. From Eldorado.gg, you can get

Don’t underestimate the quiet drops

Skulltown, Singh Laboratories, and virtually every drop site designated as a hot zone should be knocked off your Jumpmaster menu altogether. You ‘re usually paired in Ranked Mode with players who are as competitive as you are, and you’re not going to be walking out alive.

That may sound like a defeatist mentality but playing the numbers is a simple matter. Hot drop situations are probably the game’s most dangerous and the only way to lose those precious rated points is to die. It is likely that falling further out and later than the rest alone would lead you to at least 10th place, earning you two ranked points just to drop smart.

Survival is key

Simply put, avoiding needless gunfights will definitely give you more ranked LP than even the possible kills are worthwhile. RP scored from kills is capped at five points per game, while surviving in the top three is only going to net you seven. A whopping twelve ranking points worth managing to actually win the game.

Low, slow, and sly play pays off. It reduces the frustrating instances of being targeted by an ambush from a third party, results in much more consistent RP gain, and will eventually get you through the ranks much faster than confronting every single squad that crosses your way. Once you’ve mastered the art of survival, visit Eldorado.gg to find cheap Apex Legends boosting services to pit you against the top tier players in Apex Legends.

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