A Beginners Guide on Making Cannabis Products

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With so much interest in cannabis products globally, many people want to jump on the bandwagon. In this article, we are going to take a look at how you can produce your own CBD products.

Cannabis has, over the last few years, absolutely taken off globally. With ongoing research and the relaxing of laws globally, the stigma of cannabis is slowly dropping away. This means that more and more people are buying into the properties of cannabis and how it can impact their lives.  All over the world, countries have begun lifting bans on cannabis products. The majority of most countries have allowed the use of cannabis for medical purposes, while only a few, like Canada, have legalized recreational use too.

Research has proven that cannabis can be used to treat the symptoms and ailments of a plethora of diseases and illnesses faced by people. Cannabis is currently being used to treat symptoms related to:

  • Joint/muscular pain;
  • Anxiety and depression;
  • Cancer-related symptoms;
  • Acne and dermatological ailments;
  • Neurological disorders like Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis;
  • High Blood Pressure;
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis

With this popular movement, many people are looking into producing their own products. If this is something you are interested in, you will need to know the basics of producing your own products. In this article, we took a look at a beginner’s guide on producing your own cannabis products.

CANNABIS products

Safety Comes First

Before you start, you will need to have some basic safety knowledge. Make sure you have a working knowledge of the equipment and how to protect yourself during the process of production. Secondly, you will need to have a good analytical predisposition to be able to work analytically through the steps of extraction. There are specific measurements and processes to follow, and if you get them wrong, it could impact your safety and the final product.

There are many steps to the process that include an element of danger and combustion if you do something incorrectly, so you will need to be aware at all times. Lastly, you will need to keep in mind that you are producing a product that is safe for human use. So, make sure you do thorough research into the full process before simply setting off on your new journey.

Know What You Are Extracting

If you are starting out your own extraction process, you will need to know what you are handling! It is important to know the different elements of a cannabis plant. Cannabis contains compounds called cannabinoids which hold various properties. In fact, 113 types of cannabinoids have been identified in cannabis plants. The two most important are THC and CBD.

Humans are no strangers to cannabidiol. In fact, studies have shown that humans even produce CBD. There are three types of CBD in the world, namely endocannabinoids that are produced by mammals, phytocannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and synthetic cannabinoids which can be produced in a laboratory. CBD and THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) are the two most important components of the cannabis plant. The CBD component is known for its natural health benefits, while THC is known for its intoxicating qualities.

Choose Your Extraction Method

Alcohol extraction is also known as ethanol extraction as the main component used is ethanol. The cannabis plant is soaked in alcohol for a period of time. The plant is then removed and the alcohol is filtered. The alcohol is then evaporated to leave behind the desired compounds. This process is used essentially to dissolve the active cannabinoids.

The CO2 Extraction process works by pressurizing carbon dioxide in tanks to such a point that they become supercritical (liquid and gas). The fluid then extracts the right compounds from the cannabis plant and is separated from the oil, shatter, and budder. The fluid can be reused several times in the extraction process.

Lastly, we have the Hydrocarbon process. This refers to the use of butane or propane in the extraction. It is passed through the plant to collect the cannabinoids and terpenes and then heated. It is then heated and pressurized to evaporate the propane or butane and leaves behind the extract. In essence, the vacuum that is created when it is pressurized removes the excess propane and butane.

End off with the Distillation Process

After the extraction process, you are left with a product that is most likely has contaminated and contains by-products that you do not want. In order to get rid of these, you will need to go through the winterization process where you freeze the product for up to 48 hours. Mixing the product with ethanol and introducing it to a very cold environment will mean that plant waxes, fats and lipids will fall to the bottom, leaving a pure product on top.

Next, you will need to introduce the psychoactive element by heating it up. The tetrahydrocannabinolic acid will convert to THC when introduced to heat, which allows for its well-known psychoactive qualities. Lastly comes the purification process. This is a method to achieve a high concentrate of cannabis distillate as possible. Here, heat, steam and vacuum processes are used to extract the terpenes and flavonoids, leaving behind the cannabinoids. This process is delicate for a number of reasons. You will be wanting to achieve the highest concentration of cannabis products as possible, so you will want to distill it several times. However, the right amount of heat and steam need to be introduced to not ruin the product and to get the right amount extracted. Remember here that this can also be a safety hazard, so make sure you are aware of this at all times.

Wrapping Up

With enough research and enough practice, you will be well on your way to producing quality cannabis-based products for you to not only use but possibly sell too. The ultimate product that you have extracted can be turned into CBD oils for droppers or vapes, or even manufactured into lotions, soaps, candies, jellies or teas and coffees. There is a multitude of options for you to take advantage of the cannabis trend.

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