7 Important Factors To Write the Perfect Essay

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Writing an essay is something that students will have to do in school, college, and University. While it certainly is possible for anyone to get out a piece of paper and start writing, not everyone is capable of compiling a written piece that will give them a good mark. Effective essay writing involves a process of planning, setting up the perfect structure for the piece, and ensuring the entire paper is free of spelling and grammar errors, while also delivering value to the topic.

Effective essay writing will form a critical part of your life at school or University
Effective essay writing will form a critical part of your life at school or University

Whether given a task to write a technical essay or another type of paper, it is important for students to understand what it takes to get a good mark on their assignment. This post takes a look at some important aspects of writing that all students will need to take into account if they wish to get a good grade.

7 Important Aspects Of Writing An Essay

From learning how to check plagiarism to understand how the entire process works before even starting with the writing process, we will share a few essential tips that can help any student who wants to improve their mark on an upcoming essay assignment.

1. Start With Thorough Research

When it comes to looking at important aspects of writing, research and planning should be the key parts of the process. You need to ensure you thoroughly understand the topic that you are writing about and have all the facts needed to compile the paper with you.

When you do your research first and gather all of the facts that you will rely on during the writing process in one location, you will make the process of setting up the final paper significantly easier for yourself.

This will also give you more time to focus on factors like learning how to check plagiarism and ensuring the paper is free of grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and other factors that may have a negative impact on your grade.

2. Formulate An Appropriate Heading

Once the research phase has been completed, you need to work on a great heading before you dive into the actual paper. This is, unfortunately, a common area that a lot of people tend to overlook when they have an assignment to write an essay.

The heading that is used in the essay might not seem like a major part of the assignment, but it is the very first thing that the professor or teacher marking the paper will see. First impressions do count – which is why it is important to ensure that the initial impression that the person marking the paper gets is good.

Try to formulate a catchy heading that will focus on immediately grabbing the attention of anyone reading the paper. This will help to keep their attention and could possibly land a better mark on the assignment.

3. Take Care When Writing The Intro

The introduction of an essay is a critical part of the assignment – it gives the reader a “sneak peek” into what is to come in the body of the paper. When writing the introduction, special care should be taken to ensure it is interesting and informative, without revealing too many details about the actual content of the piece.

4. Be Original And Unique

It is essential that a person is entirely unique with the content they write. This will give the individual in charge of marking the assignments an understanding of the student’s ability to do research and then present the findings in their own words.

It is important to visit free plagiarism checker website as the student writes the paper. This gives them a chance to use a free online tool to give them an idea of how unique the content they are writing truly is.

5. Consider Who The Target Audience Is

Another important factor to consider when looking at the important aspects of writing is to consider who the target audience is. Even when the paper will be marked by a professor leading the class, taking the ideal target audience into account is still important. The student should ensure the language is adapted according to the audience that would ideally be interested in reading the piece.

perfect essay
Scoring a good grade can pose a difficult challenge for any student

6. Add A Summary Paragraph

When the paper is completed, a short conclusion paragraph should be added to summarize what was said in the article itself. This paragraph should give the reader just a quick overview of the most important facts they have just learned by reading the paper, without being overwhelming or take up too much of the reader’s time.

7. Do A Spell And Plagiarism Check

Finally, once the paper is done, it is important for a person who learns about checking my paper for plagiarism. The uniqueness of an essay is critical – and a plagiarism checker can help the person get a view on how unique the paper really is. When the paper comes back with similar articles and posts online, it is important to make appropriate adjustments to improve its uniqueness.


There is no doubt that effective essay writing will form a critical part of a person’s life at school or University. While writing an academic or technical essay may seem like a rather simple task, scoring a good grade can pose a difficult challenge for any student. We shared some important aspects of writing that students need to take into consideration if they are looking to improve their paper and get a better score at the end of the day.

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