7 Benefits of Joining Sports in College

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A college is a place of infinite possibilities for students who just joined. There are a lot of activities that students could take part in during their period there. Joining a sport is among the beneficial activities students can take part in. So, we’ve compiled some of the reasons why one should find a sport they are good at and join. But first, there are different levels of collegiate sports. Depending on how good and how invested you are in a sport, there are different levels you can choose to play in.

  • Intramural Sports- These are sports that students join mainly as an extracurricular activity. These sports are not NCAA regulated, and there is the least pressure involved in terms of competition. It is for a student who wants to play sports for fun and to let off some steam.
  • Club Sports- Here, the sporting activities are also not NCAA regulated, but students who join get to compete with other teams from different regions. Club sports are the alternative for students who want a competitive experience and variety.
  • Division level sports- These are the sports for students who are committed and talented who are ready for top-level sports. It’s highly competitive but also very rewarding in that a lot of students go pro.

So, what are the pros of joining sports in college?

A Great Way to Get Into and Keep Shape

Sports involve strenuous activities that are often taxing to the body in terms of energy.

7 Benefits of Joining Sports in College

As a student, participating in sports frequently will help burn calories over the long-term and keep you in good shape. It can even be a good substitute for going to the gym since there is more motivation in sports.

A Chance to Explore and Follow One’s Passions

A lot of students are passionate about different kinds of sports. However, only a few get to follow their passion. Playing intramural sports in college might unlock interests and passions you didn’t even know you had, and varsity level sports give one a chance to hone their skills and compete at the top level.

Builds Relationships

It’s encouraged to make a few valuable friendships in college since some of these connections last a lifetime. Participating in sports provides students with a venue where they can meet people with shared interests, and even establish solid connections with teammates.

It Is a Great Way to Blow off Steam

Getting a college education is not always easy. You are likely to experience stressful moments. Students have to deal with issues such as excessive workloads, stress, and anxiety from exams while also having to balance it all with their social lives. The pressure comes from the college facility, trying to mold all-rounded individuals. So, a stressed student needs to find a healthy way to release some of the stress and anxiety. Sporting activities are great at getting your mind off some of the challenges you might face as a student. Furthermore, one is likely to feel more refreshed mentally and thus becomes more productive in academic writing.


A lot of individuals who opt to engage in sports in college are those who have done it in high school. Students who stand out and who are talented have the opportunity to land sports scholarships that allow them to play their favorite sports while getting an education. College is quite expensive, and on the other hand, these institutions have well-budgeted sports programs. So, as a student who is good at a sport, playing in college can get you a free ride in education or at least reduced financial strain in the case of partial scholarships.

Life Lessons

In sports, there are a lot of life lessons involved. For example, students get to learn discipline, which is an essential part of life.

7 Benefits of Joining Sports in College

Being part of a team also provides fantastic life lessons such as the importance of work ethic, teamwork, and management of time. Students also get to learn about leadership in sports and respecting authority.

Opportunity to Travel

Sports provide excellent opportunities for students to travel. The teams that students compete with are located in different places, and sometimes you are supposed to take the game to them. So, students get to travel and see new places, learn different cultures, and the fact that the college covers travel expenses is a fantastic bonus.

Final Thoughts

Sports provide the balance students need to become well-rounded individuals. Furthermore, there is always something for everyone at different levels, from famous games such as football and basketball to fun-based sports such as quidditch and dodgeball.

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