6 Cheap but Incredibly Beautiful Travel Destinations for Students

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College is the period when people are most open to new experiences and adventures, but unfortunately, college students are also slowed down by lack of financial resources when it comes to getting out there into the world. With a bit of research, however, it’s easy to uncover cheap and safe places to travel that will not put a strain on your budget.

Sitting in airport travel destinations

We will help you put together a list of the cheapest places to travel where you have the highest chances of experiencing a unique culture and stunning nature. Forget about writing papers and attending courses for a second. You can always find someone online to help with those. The chance to have your own adventure into the wide world is something for which any compromise is worth it. Let’s dive into our list of cheapest places to visit on a student’s budget.

6 Cheapest Places to Travel as a College Student

Some students prefer cultural exhibitions and historical museums, others prefer diving and partying on the beach. Considering all these possibilities, there are locations in the world that can meet anyone’s expectations as they’re packed with touristic potential.

1.      Thailand

For decades, young travellers have seemed to adore Thailand. White sand beaches, lush greenery, Buddhist temples, bustling cities, and delicious food make Thailand a top choice for anyone on a limited budget. Accommodations are not affordable, but also beautiful. If you’re a student, you can let yourself entranced by the rich culture and eclectic character of Bangkok or do some island-hopping. You can either follow the popular tourist trails to socialize and party with fellow travellers or you can go off the beaten track and relax in idyllic locations.

2.      Peru

Students passionate about history and culture will find Peru an amazing choice for a trip. When it comes to cheap and safe places to travel, there’s hardly a destination that offers more. Here you can explore the ruins of the Inca Empire, visit ancient cities lost in the mountains, and brush up your Spanish. If you enjoy hiking, there’s a great number of trails taking you through beautiful landscapes dotted with charming villages and small colonial towns. Last but not least, reaching Machu Picchu, the magical ancient Inca city high up in the Andes Mountains, is one of the most popular items on people’s bucket lists.

3.      Nepal

Do you dream of high altitudes and picturesque, snow-capped mountains in the library, while conducting research to write a paper? Home to the Himalaya mountains, Nepal is one of the cheapest places to travel if you want to escape the stress of academic life for a bit. Pay someone online to help with that writing task while you prepare for the trip of your lifetime. A service like writing research papers by PapersOwl enables you to have a stress-free journey to the other side of the world while keeping your academic score high. There’s no better place to relax than Nepal.

With its mountains and crystal-clear lakes, this tiny Buddhist country will help you find peace of mind and engage in mindful activities surrounded by stunning nature. The best thing is that hotels and transport only cost a couple of dollars, even on the high end. If your budget is tight, there’s no place more inviting than Nepal.


4.      Indonesia

Everyone has heard of Bali, Indonesia, but due to its popularity, many assume that it must be expensive. Not only that Bali is affordable even on a student’s budget, but Indonesia has plenty of equally incredible destinations which are even cheaper.  Accommodations are cheap and high-quality, regardless of whether you prefer natural surroundings or the hustle and bustle of big cities. Moreover, attractions cost little or are free because, in Indonesia, nature and architecture are the greatest attractions. On your list of cheap and safe places to travel, Indonesia should rank pretty high.

5.      India

If you combine travel with study, India is the top destination for students looking to explore a new location from a cultural, social, or historical perspective. This huge country is not only among the cheapest places to visit, but it’s also incredibly eclectic as it is home to dozens of cultures, religions, and languages. If you need to research a paper or an essay about India, the best thing to do is to hop on a plane. Don’t forget to check an apa research paper outline example before you reach your destination. If academic curiosities bring you to India, the insights you’ll get there will not disappoint you and you can write a great story about your experience.

6.      Vietnam

Many young travelers know that Southeast Asia is affordable, but Vietnam is actually one of the cheapest places to visit in the area, which makes it extra affordable by any standards. You can start your journey in the amazing city of Ho Chi Minh and explore its treasure of historical and cultural landmarks, before moving to other cool urban destinations and gorgeous rural spots. One of the top highlights of Vietnam is the Mekong Delta.

If college is all about education, traveling should be an active part of a student’s life. However, the prohibitive costs of travel make students postpone travel for later in life, forgetting that there are incredible places in the world where a few hundreds of dollars can go a long way. If you’re a student passionate about unique cultures, beautiful architecture, and the splendor of nature, there are many destinations to explore that will provide that and even more without you breaking the bank.

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