4 Reasons Why Your Clients Urge You to Invest in New Fitness Software

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Operating any type of fitness studio or center means relying on software to handle a lot of internal tasks. What’s sometimes overlooked is the efficiency of the app used by clients or members to keep abreast of what’s happening at the facility. If your clients are complaining about the way the app function, it pays to listen. You may need to think about investing in an

All-In-One Software Solution for managing a gym before they decide to find a different facility for their workouts and other health needs. This is especially true if the following complaints seem to be occurring more often.

4 Reasons Why Your Clients Urge You to Invest in New Fitness Software

They Have Trouble Checking In and Out

One of the client-friendly features that was included with the software was the ability to your members to check in and out without having to stop at a front desk. Instead, they could use the app to check in as they entered the building and repeat the process as they left. That was designed as a convenience to them and a way to free up your staff to take care of other tasks.

Unfortunately, things are not working out that way. Members try to check in only to get error messages. The same happens as they prepare to check out. The result is that they end up at the front desk anyway, waiting for someone to help them. It won’t take much of that before they get disgusted with the entire process and abandon using the app.

Registrations Seem to Get Lost

Signing up for classes is supposed to be easy. The member can see what’s currently being offered, select one that still has open slots, claim a spot, and then receive a confirmation that the registration is complete. That may be what happens, but the member finds that he or she is not showing up on the class roster as that first session is about to begin. Another scenario is that the confirmation never arrives, so the member ends up having to call to make sure the registration completed.

With all these scenarios, it’s easy to see why the client would be frustrated. In fact, it may be enough of a hassle that clients abandon the app and get further frustrated when the staff is unable to quickly help them sign up for whatever they wanted to do in the first place.

They Don’t Learn About Special Events Until the Last Minute

Many fitness apps make it easy to send notices to members and let them know about open houses and other special events. That’s great, but the app seems to not deliver the notifications for several days. The result is that members find out about the events too late to make plans to attend. That hurts your business as well as leaving clients feeling frustrated.

Updating Their Account Information is Impossible

Ideally the app makes it easy to access account information and submit updates when and as necessary. When a client accesses his or her account and attempts to update a mailing address, the software times out or an error message pops up. Multiple attempts to get around the problem leave the member feeling frustrated. It also means one more reason to not use the app at all.

Rather than allow an app with ongoing issues to compromise your reputation, do look for an alternative that provides the support your clients deserve. The right type of Wellnessliving dance studio software of gym software will create a more positive setting for you, your staff, and your members.

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