Profanity can make product reviews more persuasive

Marketing professor Katherine Lafreniere found that online reviews spiced up with swear words may be perceived as more helpful and more persuasive — up to a point. (Photo: John Ulan)

Product website gatekeepers might be better off allowing some profanity on their platforms

Renewed agreement will help cultivate the next generation of tech talent

U of A president Bill Flanagan (centre) and Infosys executive vice-president Tan Moorthy sign an agreement extending the collaboration between the two partners at an event Sept. 26 in Calgary. Jobs, Economy and Innovation Minister Tanya Fir (second right) and Premier Jason Kenney (right) were among those in attendance. (Photo: Michael Brown)

University of Alberta and Infosys will continue to collaborate on research projects in energy, machine learning and climate change

Study shows promise for treating rare genetic liver disorder

Alexandra and Walter Perez say their son Armando (right) started kindergarten this year with a new lease on life after taking part in a clinical trial of a new drug that has eased his symptoms of PFIC, a rare genetic disorder that causes constant itchiness. (Photo: Shania Leigh Imagery)

Progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis (PFIC) typically leads to liver failure