Eaton School holds annual colour night

Eaton Principal Craig Vanthuyne presents the Most Improved Student awards to Alyssa Evans and Brody Oomen

Cassidy Schuh is this year’s recipient of the Governor General’s Award for her academic excellence in her graduating year 2015-16, presented by Principal Craig Vanthuyne.

Principal Craig Vanthuyne presents the Students of the Year award to Hannah Swan and Max Eckstein.

By Amber Adams,
Student Reporter
On Monday, June 5th, Eaton School celebrated the accomplishments of their students in areas such as athletics, arts, academics and school involvement at their annual Colour Night.
There were also many scholarships awarded to the Grade 12 students. The evening began with the handing out of academic awards.
All students from grades 7-9 receive a certificate with emblems on them for each of the four man classes: Math, Science, English and Social Studies. The emblems can be in three different colours indicated different levels. A bronze means that the student has achieved a three on the one-to-five grading scale. A silver means they have achieved a Level 4 and a gold means that the student has achieved a Level 5.
For grades 10-12 they must receive an average of 80 per cent or over in order to receive an academic award. The highest average is also awarded to one student in each grade. In Grade 10 the student with the highest academic average was Danielle. In Grade 11 the student with the highest average was Aaron Keith and in Grade 12 the student with the highest academic average was Kelsey Guidinger.
Eaton School has many sports that students can participate in. If a student participates in three or more sports they receive an athletic award. The winners of athletic awards are:
In each sport Most Improved, Heart and Desire, and Most Valuable Player are awarded to the athletes by their coaches.
Jr. Boys Volleyball – Most Improved: Quinn Price
– Heart and Desire: Kyle Theaker
– Most Valuable Player: Jackson Schuh
Jr. Girls Volleyball – Most Improved: Ce’Nedra Krentz
– Heart and Desire: Emma Eckstein
– Most Valuable Player: Hannah Eckstein
Jr. Boys Basketball – Most Improved: Ethan Green
– Heart and Desire: Richie Adams
– Most Valuable Player: Hayden Kulyk
Jr. Girls Basketball – Most Improved: Taryn Green
– Heart and Desire: Hannah Eckstein
– Most Valuable Player: Emma Eckstein
Sr. Girls Basketball – Most Improved: Breanne Follensbee
– Heart and Desire: Skye Radies
– Most Valuable Player: Ashley Adams
Sr. Boys Basketball – Most Improved: Jacob Knuttila
– Heart and Desire: Kesron Kydd
– Most Valuable Player: Quinton Somerville
Sr. Girls Volleyball – Most Improved: Sidney Martin
– Heart and Desire: Kelsey Guidinger
– Most Valuable Player: Tessa King
Football – Rookie of The Year: Ethan Green
– Most Improved: Hunter Smolinski
– Defensive Player: Jacob Knuttila and Will Kozak
– Offensive Player: Quinton Somerville
Most Dedicated: Aaron Wipf
Cross Country Outstanding Juniors – Madison Somerville and Carter Maggrah
Jr. Badminton Award – Emma Eckstein
Sr. Badminton Award – Alyssa Evans
Track and Field – Outstanding Female: Kelsey Guidinger
– Outstanding Male: Kesron Kydd
Athlete of the Year – Female: Kelsey Guidinger
– Male: Kesron Kydd
Eaton School also has a wonderful band program and students engage in many activities such as performing at the concerts, participating in fundraisers, being an MC at events, participating in Music Festival and going on the band trips. The Band Student of the Year is awarded to students and the winner is voted on by the other students. Most Improved is chosen by the band director.
Band Student of the Year – Amber Adams and Kara Richardson
Most Improved Band Student – Ethan Green
Student of the Year and Most Improved Student are also awarded to students in both middle years and secondary years.
Student of the Year: Middle Years – Hannah Swan
Secondary Years – Max Eckstein
Most Improved Students: Middle Years – Brody Oomen
Secondary Years – Alyssa Evans
Angus Alexander Morrison Scholarship – Kelsey Guidinger
Spartan Alumni Scholarships – Tessa King and Kelsey Guidinger
Kindersley Rotary Club Scholarship – Kelsey Guidinger
Access Communications Scholarship – Tessa King
Queen Alexandra Scholarship – Kelsey Guidinger
Focus IVM Scholarship – Tessa King
Town of Eatonia Award for community involvement – Ashley Adams
R.G. Mealey Band Scholarship – Ashley Adams
Eatonia Oasis Living Bursary – Kelsey Guidinger
Prairie Centre Credit Union Achieve Scholarships – Kelsey Guidinger and Tessa King
Kindersley and District Co-op Bursary – Kelsey Guidinger
Kindersley Clarion Valedictorian Award – Kelsey Guidinger
Governor-General Award for 2015-16 – Cassidy Schuh
Sun West Award: This award was presented to Cade Hayes in recognition of his personal accomplishment in hockey.
Cassidy Schuh was awarded the Governor General’s award by principal, Craig Vanthyune.
Most Improved Students were Brody Oomen and Alyssa Evans and the award was presented by principal, Craig Vanthuyne.
The Student of Year awards were presented by principal, Craig Vanthuyne to Hannah Swan and Max Eckstein.


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